Weed Eater EasyLite 18Li

Lightweight and easy to use the EasyLite 18-Li is the perfect tool to blow leaves, remove small debris from decks, driveways and lawns in a quick and effortless way. Its ergonomic handle comes with soft grip which guarantees optimal comfort. Its compact size makes it easy to store away. The 18V lithium-ion battery and charger are included.

10.25 lbs
EasyLite 18Li
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LB 20V


  • Lightweight

    Low weight blower is easy to use for every type of user.

  • Powerful

    The Li-Ion rechargable battery is powerful and guarantees excellent work. The EasyLite 18-Li can clear a surface bigger than a tennis court on one charge only.

  • Comfortable handle

    Ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort in every situation.


Vibration & noise data

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 85 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured 80 dB(A)

Overall dimensions

Weight 10.25 lbs

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 5.07 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
966782601EasyLite 18Li Cordless Blower


Weed Eater EasyLite 18Li 3.3 5 3 3
Cordless Blower is FUN to use We have a three car garage and lots of grandchildren who bring leaves and dirt with everyday play. NOW that I have this light weight self starting (JUST FLIP THE SWITCH) BLOWER, I always have a clean garage and walkway. I've purchased 5 to give as gifts and everyone raves about it too. It is not a replacement for a large blower, but it is perfect for smaller jobs. November 26, 2012
Unreliable Product - Not fully developed If you can get it started it works pretty good. The product is really particular in its start up behavior. In my opinion the Engineers have more design work to improve the robustness of the basic start up function. Very frustrating to own and not be able to use with a yard full of leaves ......... Thanks, Nelson November 3, 2012
Blower I have a Featherlite and I love it, I am 60 years old, a female and I need the lite weight, and the reasonable price. It can be difficult to start for me at times, but I have mastered that. I have had this for over four years Model FL 5300 and have recently changed, by myself; the spark plug, the fuel fliter, the gas lines, and cleaned the carburetor. I only wish the choke or the problem of it cutting off after all this work, would correct the problem, as I love it so much. Now where does one get a carbuetor kit for the prices that PRI has and not Central Power? August 1, 2012
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