Weed Eater EBV215

The EBV215 electric blower is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and with a 215 mph maximum air speed this model is great for residential lawn maintenance. The EBV215 also features a 16:1 mulch ratio and vacuum mode for increased versatility.

• 12 AMP Electric blower • 16:1 Mulch Ratio • 215 MPH • Vacuum Kit included

Air flow in pipe: 
360 cfm
Air speed: 
215 mph
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WEB150 EBV200W


  • Low Vibration Handle

    Prevents fatigue during use.

  • Spring Assist

    Spring assist starting reduces pulling effort for easy starts.

  • Comfortable

    Light weight for comfortable operation around the yard.


Article data

Air flow in pipe 360 cfm
Air speed 215 mph
Mulch ratio 16:1

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 12 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
952711474EBV215 Electric Blower


Weed Eater EBV215 4.3 5 8 8
Good idea in a bad housing The EBV 215 has one of the highest compression ratios I have seen among comparable products and a decent price. That's where my favorable views end. The housing quality is beyond poor. I use mine strictly as a leaf vac, mostly because I can't use the blower ever since the main handle broke off one of the first times I tried to use it. I am not sure in what kind of environment the vac was tested, but it was not real-world. There you encounter sticks of all sizes. The first time I sucked up one, it went right through the cheap plastic housing. Since then, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to patch this terrible plastic housing with JB Weld. Not only that, but when I was using it tonight (yes, I still use it) I noticed that the nozzle was cracking to the point where I am afraid that the whole thing will come off the next time I pull off the bag. Time for more JB Weld. I wish I could say that I have been abusing it, but unless you count sucking up leaves as abuse, then there is no case for that here. Also, the zipper on that bag is a joke. Mine broke after only a couple of years, probably as soon as the two-year warranty was up. My wife was able to sew a heavier zipper in it to keep it going. When, not if, this thing breaks, I will look at another manufacturer and just live with the lower ratio. Come on, Weed Eater! Give us a quality product, not this schlock! I will not recommend your products. November 1, 2013
This product has improved features. This blower replaced my 2003 Weedeater blower. The new cushioned handle, reduced noise feature, starting ease and low cost attracted me to this replacement product. Thus far, I am completely satisfied with this blower. December 17, 2012
product is lightweight and easy to use this blower-vac was a joy to use with it 's light weight and efficiency. it was certainly more powerful than others i had used. December 1, 2012
My Blower The vacuum is amazing Can clean up leaves in no time now It's amazing!!! November 4, 2012
ebv215 I like the light weight,The ease of start,small fuel use.Plus the blow power.It's just wright for me.Thanks,weed eater. September 24, 2012
This product has great features This is a very useful tool for blowing leaves and debris. It is also an excellent vacuum and shredder for leaves. August 20, 2012
A blower I have been lookling for I purchased this leaf blower because I liked the general size of the blower, how light weight it is, and that I could start it. When I purchased it and started it up, it started right away after going through the directions of how to start this tool. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something light weight, reliable, and starts easily. March 12, 2012
The catch bag Overall, I think the EBV215 blower is a very good blower. However, the catch bag needs to be strengthened or reinforced at the point where the neck of the exhaust goes into the catch bag. I used the vacuum feature on my blower to suck up the piles of leaves in my yard last fall and the fabric up around the neck of the exhaust stretched out and created a hole. I got by with duct tape initially but that didn't stick just real well. Fortunately I had a catch bag left from an older model that fit. The lesson I learned is to keep a closer eye on the bag to make sure I don't fill it all the way up! March 8, 2012
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