Weed Eater FB25

The FB25 is perfect for hard surface applications such as driveways, sidewalks and patios. With a reliable 25cc 2-cycle engine and variable speed throttle, it generates air speed up to 170 mph and air volume up to 290 cfm. At 8.1 lbs, the FB25 is our lightest weight blower and also features a reduced vibration handle.

- 25cc 2-cycle engine - 170 mph - 290 cfm

Cylinder displacement: 
25 cc
Air flow in pipe: 
290 cfm
Air speed: 
170 mph
8.1 lbs
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  • Low Vibration Handle

    Prevents fatigue during use.

  • Spring Assist

    Spring assist starting reduces pulling effort for easy starts.

  • Comfortable

    Light weight for comfortable operation around the yard.


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc

Article data

Air flow in pipe 290 cfm
Air speed 170 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight 8.1 lbs

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 10.3 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
952711937FB25 Gas Blower


Weed Eater FB25 3.7 5 97 97
not good x 2 I bought a FB25 several years ago. Used is approx. 20 times. Last fall it would not keep running. So I bought another( cheaper than fixing), It lasted 4 times. Will not run. I want my money back but can not figure out how to contact anyone. April 14, 2014
Starter rope stays out The starter rope stays out and only retracts after fooling with it. It pulls out rough and is hard to pull. Of course it won't start with the rope not returning. So, I don't know if it runs or not. Poor product. November 27, 2013
wont start had it for about 5 months. Hard starting from day 1 -- requiring 25-50 pulls. Throttle is loose and moves around. Recently wouldn't start so took it to an authorized dealer under 2 year free parts and labor warranty. Without even looking at it they said it was likely a carburetor problem so not covered under warranty. Offered to look at it for $59.95++. I will not throw good money after bad. Its going in the garbage. November 25, 2013
Would Not Stay Running out of the box I too was not smart in researching this product prior to purchase but had a weedeater blower for ten years before this one and wanted to stay with a proven reliable product. The FB25 was smaller, light weight and less expensive than the rivals at Lowes. The choice seemed to be a no-brainer. From the moment I took it out of the box it gave me troubles. It started right up and appreared to be a dream. Then it just shut-off. I got it restarted only to have it die in seconds rather than minutes. It just got worse. Tries over the next thre weeks resulted the same way. I tried newer gas and then higher octane gas mixtures with no luck. November 9, 2013
Now I wonder -----? I have a back-pack blower, but I was looking for a small light blower for small jobs and cleaning out my gutters. I didn't do any research before I bought this product and now after reading the reviews wonder if I did the right thing. I'm now with my second FB25 blower because the first one never ran right from the start. It wound throttle up and down and sounded like a diesel. The second time I went to use it, I couldn't get it started. After many tries I finally got it going after adding more fuel and shaking it around at all different angles, but it still didn't run right and would only ran at a slow speed. So now I have a replacement and so far (only used once) this one seems to be ok. We'll see! The FB25 is a great idea being light and really putting out a large volume of air, but if I have trouble with this one, that'll be the last of Weed Eaters. November 7, 2013
Leaf Blower FB-25 It is a good blower and performer. After 3 years of use, the only problem so far, is that the choke control lever broke. It is made of cheap plastic, instead of the brass, it should have been made of! The cost of the part plus shopping is nearly $20. I would have gladly paid a little more for the blower, to get real parts! November 1, 2013
blower not worth the money Bought this blower at the beginning of mowing season and had a little trouble on start-up. Once it started ran fine. Then into about month two the rope would not go back in and now it won't start at all!! I usually am very happy with your product, but I believe this will have me looking somewhere else!! October 22, 2013
Nice when it works Used this unit about 5 times over a few months and then stopped working. Won't start anymore and getting service on it under warranty is turning into a joke. Service costs more than the original unit. Save your money and buy something with a real warranty. August 28, 2013
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