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"Weed eating" is at the heart of our heritage. The Weed Eater brand is the pioneer of grass trimmers and the name everyone uses today when talking about trimming grass and weeds. Invented in 1972, the Weed Eater trimmer quickly became an essential landscaping tool for homeowners who want to give their lawns the perfect finishing touch. Today we offer a range of high quality, easy to use machines at an unbeatable value.

Our top-seller:

Weed Eater W25CFK

Keep your lawn perfectly maintained with the Weed Eater WE25CFK Gas Trimmer. This trimmer features the Simple 2 Start™ starting system. Just prime and pull to start, no complicated starting procedures. The spring assist reduces the effort to pull the starter rope by 30%. The simple to use fixed line cutting head eliminates the hassle of winding line and bumping the head to advance line. Show off the best kept lawn in the neighborhood after using the Weed Eater WE25CFK. This model features a knock down coupler for transport and storage.
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Weed Eater Trimmer W25CFK

Battery Trimmers

Kick the gas can to the curb and lighten your load around the yard with a Weed Eater battery trimmer.

Gas Trimmers

Weed Eater gas trimmers offer homeowners high-quality, easy to start machines at an unbeatable value.

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