Weed Eater FL20

The FL20 FeatherLite trimmer is ideal for homeowners who desire a cost-effecient machine with a power-to-weight ratio that is perfect for residential lawns. This model is powered by a reliable 20cc 2-cycle gas engine that features a 15" cutting path and a single exit Tap 'n Go(r) head with .065 diameter line.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
8.6 lbs
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 20 cc

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 8.6 lbs

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 12 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
95271179420cc, Curved Shaft, Gas Trimmer


Weed Eater FL20 3.1 5 26 26
Weedeater FL20 Where can I buy one? I own and operate a 6 acre recreational vehicle park. I've used and abused a lot of weedeaters over the past 15 years (I am female, age 67, height 5'1"). The only weedeater I ever cared to own was the FL20. Any weedeater/trimmer is only going to be as good as the person operating it. Also, it has been my experience that an "in the box" trimmer can come with defects and no matter what you do it will never run right. So, if it doesn't operate correctly from the "get go".. take it back until you get one without defects. One of the best features of this FL 20 is the single feed .065 line. Yes, the small line is not designed for "large jobs", but even if you burn up the weedeater (which I have done) it will get the job done! Better to wear out the Weedeater than to wear out yourself. So easy & inexpensive to refill the line from a large spool of replacement line. Over the years, the production quality of the FL20 went downhill. I hated it when they started making the shaft in 2 parts! Weedeater/Poulon.. please bring back the FL20 of 10 years ago. It is the only trimmer that I can use for my size, age, etc. April 9, 2014
Will Run for a few minutes and stalls Had this item for a year, followed all the usual details in regards to gas, storage etc. Trimmer actually worked great until a week ago. I can start the unit but after 2-5 minutes the unit will shut down. Then it needs to cool down before you can run again. Seems like this is a common occurrence with this model July 13, 2013
Lously weedeater This is the worst piece of junk i have ever wasted my money on. The line is always getting stuck in the spool and I have to stop,,,cut it off,,and hope I can rewind it so it will work! I thought i couldnt go wrong with the weedeater brand...turns out I thought wrong! June 19, 2013
An Average Tool I've had this Weed Eater for about 5 years, but it was used rarely...maybe 30 times total. I didn't use it more because it always took a long time to warm up, even after a bit of tuning. But, once it got going the machine did the job well. This spring, I took the time to adjust the carb and change the filters and it seemed to be running a bit better. But this past weekend, it developed another problem...the machine would stop running after about 10 minutes and it was nearly impossible to pull the line. Turns out the bearing at the cutting end of the shaft is burned up. For as little as I've used the machine over the years, and with proper maintenance, I'm quite a bit disappointed that such a critical part failed that is irreplaceable without buying an entire lower shaft...and out of warranty. I paid $70 for this machine...I can't honestly say I ever got my money's worth for it. June 4, 2013
Reliable but some parts cheap I've had it for 5 years and no real issues until now. Keep in mind I've used it very little during this time, about 10 times per year for no more than 15 minutes each time. The issue now is the trimmer starts then stops after a few seconds. After some troubleshooting, I've come to the realization the gas lines have rotted and will need replacement. The diaphragm may also need replacement as it apparently stiffens up after a few years and does not allow gas to flow properly. The parts will add up to over 25$ which is almost a third of what I paid for this trimmer. Another issue I've had after a year or so was the handle loosened and cannot be tightened. It may have been dropped in all fairness, but a testament to its somewhat poor construction. For low usage/small lawns, this is an acceptable trimmer so long as you know it will not last you several years without parts being replaced. If you're not a DIYer, skip this trimmer. May 6, 2013
Junk Made to be thrown out in the trash. Alcohol in the gas mix will eat the hoses off in the fuel tank and it will quit on you.This will not be covered in warrenty which will cost you more to fix than buying a new one. April 12, 2013
Good for the price This trimmer works but not before I had to buy a wrench to adjust the carburator. Not sure why I have never had to do this before but almost everyone who n=buys this one had to do it. Works awesome now that I adjusted the carb. March 16, 2013
amazing machine i have two fl20's and a new fl25. the fl20's where given to me by people saying i cant get them to start i but fuel in them pushed the primer a few times and choke on they started right up never had any problems i have a lawn care bis so i have bought lots of weed wackers most lasted me a week before dying i have had these for almost three years had them so hot there metal was turning red let them cool down and they where ready to go again. i will never buy any thing but a weedeater if mine every die on me March 8, 2013
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