Weed Eater FL25C

Keep your lawn tidy with the Weed Eater FL25C Gas Trimmer. The comfort-touch, low vibration handle reduces user fatigue and the spring-assist starting allows you to get to work quickly to turn out the best lawn on the block.

* 25cc 2-cycle engine * 170mph / 290cfm * Low vibration * Spring-assist starting

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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
96663960125cc, Curved Shaft, Gas Trimmer


Weed Eater FL25C 3.4 5 62 62
Quality going downhill on these? This is my 2nd Feather Weight. The 1st lasted a number of years and I marvelled at that. This one I've had problems from the start. I have had more difficulty starting it, a lot more pulling of the cord is involved. On its 2nd use, the spinhead spun off of the weedeater. Thought it was a bit odd, but I replaced it and continued to use it for the rest of the summer. This summer, on its first use, I finally got it started, but when I stopped weeding to take a break, I wasn't able to get it started again. Got my son to help me out, but it still had difficulty, didn't sound quite as strong. Started weeding, only to have the spinner head spin off again. Found out it had also melted, too. (This may have been the reason behind the difficulty in starting it?#. It doesn't look like it will be worth the effort to replace it. Seems it could happen again. Anyway, I'm not buying the brand anymore. I think it's all due to a drop in the quality overall. It simply "can't take the heat." What I find really annoying is that I can't locate the receipt, and the weedeater hasn't been used but for part of one season. #I didn't mention that the handle started to fall apart on one of its first uses# February 22, 2014
problems it dont have good durability and it can be difficult to repair November 5, 2013
Owner of my 3rd Weed Eater trimmer Big fan of Weed Eater trimmers. My first two have lasted me about 2 & 3 seasons. This is to say that I trimmed over 20 lawns a week in the cutting season with them. My last 2 trimmers were running fine, however the trimmer head cable was not turning anymore. I tried resolving this issue, however it was on and off until I got fed up and bought a new one. I love its light weight, its maneuverability and easy operating use. Recommend the curved bar instead of the straight one. (better trimming balance) September 7, 2013
Not what I wanted after useing When I brought this it was in the box. If I could have seen it out of the box and held it, I would not have brought it. It is not adjustable. You have to adjust your body to the weed eater not the other way around. It was a pain in my arms and back. I can not afforn to replace it right now so I will have to use it for a couple of seasons. If I try to replace this one with another weedeater I will make sure it is out of the box so I can test it out. August 27, 2013
String trimmer for a low price I have own this string trimmer for two seasons now. At first it worked just fine. It still starts just fine, long as I follow the instructions to a T. However the line started to not advance. I searched the net for information on how to get to work like it once did. Even bought extra spools. Finally took matters into my own hands. I spray the spool holder with WD40 and the inside of the spool. You do not want to overspray these areas due to fact that it flip out as trimmer spins. I also make sure the cutter on the guard is sharp and free from dirt. This all seem to help the line advance problem. The vibration of the motor and spinning shaft is a bit much but taking a break from it seems to help. The box says it will cut hedge, well it does not do that. The length is a bit not long enough for comfort and puts you in the line of fire for the flying grass and is heavy to hold. July 14, 2013
Not so hot I was very disappointed that this item had to go in for repairs only two weeks after i bought it because it was leaking gas. After two weeks in the shop for repair, I am also disappointed that it is clumsy to handle to do a vertical edging job. September 25, 2012
My weedeater broke in less than 2 months I it melted the spin head as I was weed eating my weeds i only had use it 3 other times, it is due to lack of quality parts made on this weed eater if it had been made with quality durable plastic head it would have been able to with stand the heat it was producing.why is it that we don't make quality any more. the usa was always known for producing quality not junk, lets see if this is under warranty, ill keep you posted. September 24, 2012
Poor Product Line Purchased less than a year ago. I alsways do a monthly cleaning and routine maintenance. Started to use it the other day and am unable to get it to start. I have already replaced the primer bulb about three months ago. Dimantled the machine and thought maybe the ingnition magnet was dirty and not allowing to fire when the flyweel rotates. Indeed, it was dirty. Cleaned it off and still unable to get it to start. have tried no less than three retailer/repair shops and none of them will honor the Weed-eater 2-year warranty. My next step is to either call or write (probably both) the company and ask for my money back. September 21, 2012
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