Weed Eater FLSST25

The FLSST25 FeatherLite trimmer features an extended reach straight shaft lower end for those hard to reach areas under shrubs, fences and patios. Equipped with a dependable 25cc 2-cycle gas engine, this unit also has a 17 inch cutting path and dual exit Tap 'N Go(r) head with .080 diameter line.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
9.8 lbs
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FL25C XT260


  • Trimmer Line

    Easy to replace trimmer line allows quick changes to get you back to the task at hand.

  • Fast Start

    Bulb purges air from fuel lines for more reliable starting.

  • Low Weight

    For easy mobility around the yard.


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 9.8 lbs

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 13.4 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
95271179625cc, Straight Shaft, Gas Trimmer


Weed Eater FLSST25 3.9 5 46 46
awesome med. duty line trimmer I purchased this trimmer around 10 years ago I change the spark plug fuel lines purge bulb and fuel pickup every 2 years just for principal because i like things in top running order. this trimmer is a champ. September 1, 2013
Happy Starting is no problem, replacing string was no problem, and in total very pleased with the unit and would recommend it to anyone. May 30, 2013
Excellent Purchase We have been completely satisfied since the day it arrived. My wife was concerned with a possible issue with ease of starting and vibration. She has a 6" steel plate in her wrist/arm and cannot pull more than just a few times before rest, but it has started on the first few pulls everytime since it was first started out of the box. Vibration is mimimal, actually lower than any other I have used. It is durable and performs at or above my expectations. I have almost 2 acres of tree dotted farm type yard, not the typical surbuban lot, still no complaints. November 8, 2012
weedeater My weedeater is performing as i expect it to work. Great buy! August 31, 2012
Nice Features This is a assume little machine,easy to start,light weight, and I am glad I bought it. August 8, 2012
Tap 'n' Break I bought this based on my neighbors' nearly identical unit. Difference is mine has the Tap 'n' Go head. It'll cut grass just fine, but nothing else. The line breaks on less than 1/8th thick green vine. It breaks on ivy. It breaks on everything except the thinnest weeds and ordinary grass. The store is too far away for me to return it, so I'll 'eat' the price paid for it and go to a nearby store and see what they have. My fingers are not nimble enough to go through the rewind, rethread process. 3 times 'today' is enough. Needless to say, I'm somewhat less than impressed with my first 'and last' experience with a Weedeater product. Shame too, the engine runs great! July 28, 2012
pappa this weedeater is hard to start and won't stay running this thing is a piece of JUNK!!!! I even took to Your authorised repair July 26, 2012
My Trimmer Overall , I am very happy with it . It is very easy to start & handle . The only problem that I have with it is that when it get to between 1/2 & 1/4 gasoline left in the tank it dies on me . I would definatly recommend this product to other people . July 23, 2012
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