Weed Eater FX26SCE

Keep your lawn tidy with the Weed Eater FX26SCE Gas Trimmer. This trimmer features a 16" cutting path that allows you to conveniently reach over across large hedges. Display the neighborhood's best kept hedges with the Weed Eater FX26SCE Gas Trimmer.

Weed Eater FX26SCE Gas Trimmer:

* 25cc 2-cycle engine * PrimeTime-Auto choke carburetor * Recoil starting * Single bump head * .080 diameter line * 16" cutting path * 51" curved shaft with "Spool Buddy"

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XT260 SST25C


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
96663940125cc, Straight Shaft, Gas Trimmer


Weed Eater FX26SCE 2.5 5 31 31
This new model is junk because of primer ball Primer ball cracked. Not an easy fix and not worth replacing the whole carb. Will not but a Weedeater product again. April 12, 2014
Poor Design My trimmer doesn't look like the picture but it is a FX26SCE. It has a curved shaft and double lines coming out of head. The double line spool is a nightmare to change. And trimming I just can't get the right angle to do a good trim job. I have a 14 year old weedeater XT200 that has worked fine for many years. The fuel line broke, didn't think I could get part was the reason for getting the FX26. I should have gotten the straight shaft model like my old one. Engine starts and runs good is a plus but I still can't trim with it. July 15, 2013
FX26SCE Had this for 2 years, was tired of getting another cheapie electric trimmer every year, so picked this one. It has been easy to start and very reliable for me, even after being stored over a year with fuel in the tank. I think the other reviews with the primer bulb and fuel line problems may have been using fuel with a lot of Ethanol, which eats away at plastic and rubber. My only problem is I'm shopping for a new spool. Hard to find now, but still looking. Wal*Mart and Home Depot don't have them, Lowe's carries some. that are not labeled for this one, but might work. Very. confusing, or maybe I'm searching too hard? June 1, 2013
Primer Bulb Need to redesign this product for eazy replacement of primer bulb. Will not buy another Weedeater product May 5, 2013
Primer Bulb Problem Ok for everyone with the primer bulb problem this is an easy fix and no you don't have to replace the carb. I took some pvc pipe cutters and right below the bulb i cut the hole thing off just to make it where you can still use it as a button for the choke and then when to a repair shop and got a replacement bulb that was already put together with the in and out lines and just plugged it right up and there us go... you just have to think smarter then the tool. :-) hope this helps everyone and good luck April 16, 2013
Will not buy Weedeater again Bought the FX26SCE in June 2012. Used the trimmer 7 or 8 times and now the primer bulb has cracked. From what I am seeing it would cost about $35 to fix rather than the $3 I expected. I was happy with the operation of the trimmer but paying $35 every 6 to 8 uses makes no sense (I have to assume the replacement bulb would be of the same poor quality as the original). This was my fourth and last Weedeater product. March 18, 2013
DONT BUY THIS! too bad i didnt read the reviews before i bought this weedeater. the primer bulb already cracked and i've only used this weedeater a few times. i didnt think it was a big problem until i found out you cant replace the primer bulb. you have to replace the carbuerator. seriously??? it was also hard to start. dont waste your $80. November 1, 2012
Weedeater Fx26sce I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra spoon attached to the handle of this model. I also fell in love with the new choke system. The machine starts and runs great and is lighter than the more expensive machines. This is my third featherlite as I use them extensively on a few large pieces of property and I will purchase another after I use this one; a lot >>> October 24, 2012
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