Weed Eater RTE115C

The RTE115C electric trimmer's lightweight design and 15" cut is perfect for large yards. The 4.5 amp motor powers the Centrex(tm) automatic feed head with .065 inch diameter cutting line. The unique Twist-N-Edge(r) design allows the operator to easily convert from a trimmer to edger with the push of a button.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
5.9 lbs
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WE EL-11


Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 5.9 lbs

Logistical Data

Weight incl. packaging 6.5 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
9527118664.5 AMP, Electric Trimmer


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Piece of junk! I found this product to be a complete waste of money. The line feed design does not work. The safety guard vibrates so much that it creates as much noise as a gasoline trimmer. I do not recommend this product. July 2, 2013
Not 4 me I just returned this weed eater line trimmer yesterday after uising it for only the 2nd time. The bump line feed does not work-the line gets sucked back into the head and I was constantly having to re-thread it....finally threw my hands up and returned it to Kmart where I bought it. Another feature that I found that was annoying was the position of the hole where you feed the electric cord into the handle...the hole is in line with the handle and should be turned crossways so it is more natural to feed in and attach. This is the only brand I have ever used that it is positioned this way and it is very unhandy and awkward. September 8, 2012
Issues with self feeder I've had this trimmer for several years and the unit itself has been reliable. My biggest gripes are (1# the availibility and cost of the replacement spools and #2) the self-feeding line feature. When the self feeder works, thing are great, but it seems like I've had to stop and feed it myself quite a bit. I assume that this is an issue with the spools. For what those things cost, I wouldn't anticipate these types of problems. other than that, it's a reliable, cost-effective trimmer. July 8, 2012
RTE 115C electric weed eater I have used my light weight electric weed eater for at about 9-10 years.. I have not had any trouble with it. I was tired of the gas weed eaters that I had trouble starting. This starts every time, no problem. My only problem I have found is I can't find the replacement spools this year.. I checked our local wal-mart where I usually purchase the replacement spools and I also tried our local Home Depot in vacaville, ca. June 29, 2012
outstanding performance I strongly recommend this item for anyone who works on their own yard. I've used this model now for 5 years and the only problem I have encountered is that I can't find them anywhere. I do lawn service and I work this baby like a dog and it has withstood all that you can imagine. So if you can find this weedeater dont buy one, buy two or three and store them for future use. I cant store more than 3 at a time but I would buy more if I had the space. So hurry, run dont walk. I just wish I was a dealer carring this product. May 18, 2012
I love the weed eater company But every piece of equiment I buy breaks and I have bought the upgrade every year. I started with a gas trimmer which broke the first season. Couldn't get it started.I assumed it was my fault. I next bought a battery trimmer and the safety guards broke. This year I bought the top of the line electric trimmer. And the safety guards broke within the first month of using it. I do not want to communicate with Weed Eater by doing a procuct review but after searching and searfing, this is the only site I could find to talk to them. I seriously love the way that weed eaters work but now I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to keep buying new products. May 14, 2012
Can't ever find replacement spools!! I've had this trimmer for over 3 years and I love it! Its easy to use and not too heavy (I'm a woman so that's important). My only complaint is I can NEVER find replacement spools for it at my local retailers so I have to remember to order them ahead of time! Such a pain! If you buy this product make sure you order extra line with it! May 1, 2012
Trimmer This is the first time ever buying a produck of yours and the last have only used it twice and the cord eith comes ot too far and doesn't cut off or the cord breaks off at the hub. I have even tried your blue cord. I'm ready to throw it out. April 10, 2012
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