Weed Eater SST25C

Keep your lawn tidy with the Weed Eater Weed Eater SST25CE Gas Trimmer. This trimmer features a 17" cutting path that allows you to conveniently reach over across large hedges. Display the neighborhood's best kept hedges with the Weed Eater SST25CE Gas Trimmer.

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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
96663950125cc, Straight Shaft, Gas Trimmer


Weed Eater SST25C 2.9 5 45 45
Awsome Machine! I absolutely love this trimmer. The straight shaft is perfectly balanced and overall weight is very light yet powerful enough to take on about any weed I throw at it... including 7 to 8 foot Horseweeds. I bought a spool of quad sided .095 string and cut my own strings. They outlast the round style 10 to 1. I've used this machine now for going on 4 years and have had zero trouble. I think the people with problems aren't keeping their machines clean! I change the fuel lines and in-tank stone filter every year. Plus I store it with Sea Foam fuel treatment over the winter. And I always clean the air filter. August 24, 2013
primer bulb it is hard to find parts you have to order them on line most small engine repair shops don't have parts for it is a good weedeater but if I was looking for another one I would pay more attention to what I was buying August 2, 2013
Not worth the time and money Used this model only 3 times and bulb needed to be changed. No directions to show how to change. Hard to start and hard to keep running for a long period of time. Bought many weed eater trimmers in my day but this is the last one. Will buy a much more expensive one that is easier to operate and keep running. May change my mind if someone can show me directions on how to change the primer bulb. July 28, 2013
Spend Most Time Changing Line This trimmer seems only good for open areas. It can likely go for hours with the big line .095 inch as this was a feature I bought it for. But if you start to try and trim the grass against rocks, the fence, house etc, the line will snap. I have to stop the trimmer and replace line 4 or 5 times each time I do my lawn. Unless you are careful and only try and let the tip of the line touch the house/fence/rocks, the line will snap. And only letting the tip touch it grass will often just lay it over instead of cutting it. I regret not sticking with my old style which had the bump and feed. I could do my whole yard without stopping the machine May 26, 2013
SST25C Trimmer is Junk!!! Less than a year old! Hard to start from day one. Used 3 times last season and now even using engine starting fluid it will not start. If it does turn over it runs for a minute and dies. I had an Echo that lasted over 20 years, wish I had not wasted the money on this!!!! May 24, 2013
expensive to maintain Purchased this product at Lowes a little over and year ago and was happy with it until the primer bulb cracked and now find out that you have to buy a new carburetor for approx. $55 when the bulb and shaft could be easily replace but Weed Eater do not have that available. So unless you want something that you use only a season or so and then throw away do not buy this unit. May 23, 2013
one season only due to bulb I didn't even get a year, as the bulb cracked and is not easily replaced. Used it 3 times. What a waste of money. The unit was stored in a shed, so just poor craftsmanship. May 21, 2013
One Season Product The second season I got out my SST25CE and the primer bulb was split. I ordered a new one only to realize the entire carb unit had to be replaced. The bulb and rod come out easily but WeedEater will does not sell this sub-assembly. So this is a one season, throw-away product. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! May 3, 2013
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