Weed Eater WE EL-13TNE

The WE EL-13TNE is an easy-to-use, light weight electric trimmer design for ease of use around the yard. The unique Twist-N-Edge(r) design allows the operator to easily convert from a trimmer to edger with the push of a button.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
5.2 lbs
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  • Twist 'N Edge

    Converts from trimmer to edger wth the press of a button.

  • Light Weight

    For easy mobility around the yard.

  • Comfort Grip

    A soft touch grip provides excellent comfort during operation.


Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 5.2 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
9660479014.3 AMP, Electric Trimmer


Weed Eater WE EL-13TNE 1.9 5 45 45
HOW TO CONVERT TO TAP AND GO-AUTO LINE FEED USELESS The automatic line feed is anything but that. I should have sensed that when I saw the line feed assist button. You have to stop the head 100% before trying to feed line, and you have to do that several times to get enough line out to go, and if all that fails, then you push the assist button and hand drag line out. That means many unnecesary delays in getting work done. WEEDEATER, post on your FAQ how to dump the auto feed head and how to convert this to the same model as a tap and go. My old Weed Eater with the tap and go was a dream to use, this is a nightmare. You see the comments posted Weed Eater, step up to the pump and fix the problem or lose me forever. I want a solution, not sympathy October 23, 2013
Trouble with line breaking Having used Weedeater products for over thirty years I was not disappointed when my wife brought home the electric 13" to replace a ten year old gas unit. The problem is that I get about ten liniar feet of use before the line breaks and does not feed out new line. I have closely followed the instruction manual for winding, replacing and using. I have set it aside after trying to use it four times. What is my problem? September 21, 2013
Piece of Junk This trimmer is a piece of junk. After constantly having to re-feed the line and manually advance because it wouldn't auto feed, I decided to return it thinking it was defective. I found out with the second one that apparently it is a design flaw, not just a single defective unit. The line does not auto feed and you must stop every few seconds to manually push the button to advance line or take the spool out altogether and re-feed it. This makes trimming even a small area a major pain and it takes way longer than it should. Do yourself a favor and do NOT buy this piece of junk. You'd probably be better off buying a pair of grass shears and snipping the blades individually; you'd certainly finish the job quicker than you would with this trimmer. Also I've noticed that with just a few (attempted) uses the spool cap is starting to crack. The spool itself also has wear marks burned into it from the line. You'd think if it was designed as a weed eater that it might actually hold up to what would be deemed normal use for a weed eater... August 24, 2013
worst product I ever brought! use it for a half-minute and line breaks. paid $31.00 for it, wasted my money. the line-feeded is the problem. don't you test this products? August 22, 2013
Great I bought this about a year and a half ago. It works great lots of use. 3 yards for 1-1/2 years before anything went wrong. I know need replacement parts and that is my only complaint. Having a hard time finding. Motor still works great but I need new protective cover and spool and spool cover. July 20, 2013
This is junk! First time I use this thing it last less then 10 minutes and the motor burns up! I wasn't even in thick grass! Based on the other reviews I've read, I don't know how it is even legal to sell this thing! I better get a refund on this! June 14, 2013
Awful product Weedeaters had always been very dependable. However this particular product is a waste of money. The main problem is the auto feed line does not work. The only way to feed the line is manually which needs to be done often increasing work time considerably. I'm done with Weedeaters. June 14, 2013
Box to trash in under 30 minutes This weedeater was opened up and attempted to be assembled. When I went to bolt on the guard, the bolt would not go in. I figured it was because the plastic was messed up, so I just twisted it in place and used the trimmer. After less than 30 min of use, it stopped working. I unbolted the case after verifying the power at the cord was working, and the electric motor had gotten hot enough to melt the plastic case. The reason it stopped working was the wiring had not been properly assembled, and was ground in half by the end of the electric motor shaft. I also then found a metal bung "floating around" inside that was not installed in the correct location. This was supposed to be where the bolt for the guard was supposed to go into. Overall, I think the engineering on this was very poor, and the assembly at the factory was worse. June 12, 2013
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