Mower Safety

A lawn tractor can be a handy tool to keep your yard looking great. As with any tool, you must respect its power and use caution during operation.

For lawn tractors, these precautions are especially critical if children are in the area. Tragic accidents can happen in an instant. You can severely injure or kill by running over a child with the riding mower—in forward or reverse—with the blades engaged, or when objects are hit and thrown by the spinning blades.

To address this important issue, Husqvarna has launched a new awareness campaign with the message that "Kids and Mowers Don't Mix." This site provides additional information and resources to educate consumers.

"The first step to reducing accidents is to have the mindset that the lawn tractor is a powerful tool, not a toy," said Roger Leon of Husqvarna Outdoor Products Inc. "It should be used only to accomplish outdoor chores and tasks when children are not present in the mowing area."

As part of an industry leading initiative, the world's leading manufacturer of lawn mowers, Husqvarna, is including a bright yellow card and a "Kids and Mowers Don't Mix" key chain with each of its newly manufactured lawn tractors.

The card includes these guidelines for operating a mower:

Know where your kids are. Keep kids away from the mowing area. Have adult supervision to prevent them from approaching the mower before you have finished. Stop mowing if a child approaches the mowing area.

Never give rides. A child may fall off the mower and into the spinning blades. Giving rides may also cause the child to be attracted to the mower, and the child may later approach without being seen.

Use extreme caution in reverse. Keep alert for anyone who may enter the mowing area. Always look down and behind before and while backing up.

You should also read and follow the safety instructions in your owner's manual and remember to keep the keys to your mower away from children.